Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church
A Congregation
                 "Building God's Kingdom Together"
                               3411 Dearborn Drive Durham, NC 27704
                             Rev. Ronald P. Waldon Jr., Pastor
                             (919) 220-7366

Youth Ministry

Rev. Karen Evans, Youth Minister


“Youth Mission”

Seeks to provide spiritual growth and recreational activities for our youth and in our youth and also our youth in the community; in order to enhance the relationship between them, God and their families, we must first introduce to them salvation and teach them the ways of the Lord of how to love and treat everyone the way you would like to be treated, so they might continue a life of Christian service.  Our young people are empowered and involved in leadership training, programs, youth bible study, mission trips, sport activities, praise & worship, hands on ministry, and many other ministry activities.



  • Help the youth to develop a Christian life style
  • Help the youth to develop a healthy family and friend’s relationship
  • Help the youth to develop and seek opportunity to share the Gospel
  • Help the youth to develop their knowledge of the Bible



  • Youth Bible Study
  • Youth Church
  • Youth Sports Ministry
  • Mime Ministry
  • Dance Ministry


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