Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church
A Congregation
                 "Building God's Kingdom Together"
                               3411 Dearborn Drive Durham, NC 27704
                             Rev. Ronald P. Waldon Jr., Pastor
                             (919) 220-7366

Spiritual Leaders

Rev. Ronald P. Waldon Jr.


        Rev. Karen Evans           Rev. Anita Docher                    Rev. David Wall                      Min. Bobby Moore

        (Youth Minister)         (Evangelism Minister)               (Associate Minister)                 (Associate Minister)



                             Dec. Willie Gray                                         Dec. Burnell Williams
             (Chairman of Deacon Board)



   Trustee George Bryant                          Trustee Pearl Cates-Bullock              Trustee Thomas McClain Sr.
(Chairman of Trustee Board)


                                            Administrative Office

        Mrs. Terreca Ettson-Young                                      Mrs. Ponice Bryant
                           (Morning Glory Express)



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