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Rev. Ronald P. Waldon Jr. ,  Pastor

He was called to the ministry in 1990, and licensed in 1991, and ordained in the Gospel Ministry of Jesus Christ in 1997 and received his Associate of Religious Arts Degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor of Religious Arts Degree in Theological Studies from Logos Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida.  He’s pursuing his Master of Divinity at Shaw University in Raleigh, N.C. 

He also graduated with highest of honor of Summa Cum Lauda and holds a lifetime membership in Logos Christian
College (LCC) Alumni Association where he was very active.  Upon graduation from LCC, he participated in the
Spiritual Renewal Institute, the NAACP Ford Motor Company Career Youth Summit, the (BM&E) Baptist
Missionary and Education, and the Evangelist of Prospect District Association Evangelism Revival.  

Rev. Ronald P. Waldon, Jr. and his devoted, loyal, dedicated, & lovely wife Kimberly A. Waldon are happily married and were united on April 1, 1995 in Holy Matrimony in the day of our Lord.  They are the proud parents of one son, Master Ronald Preston Waldon, III

" We’re  a  Congregation  who  worship  with  a  sincere  heart  with  high  expectations  of  looking  for  a  blessing  from  the  Lord. "

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