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LMBC History

We’re a Congregation who worship with a sincere heart with high expectations of looking for a blessing from the Lord.



      Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church inception was November 12, 1966, with an initial meeting at the home of Brother Henry Reddish, Sr.  At the meeting, representatives of the church formulated plans for the start of an independent body of worshippers.  Among those present and taking an active part in the planning were Brothers Henry Reddish, Sr., Bennie Holman, Walter Walker, J. W. Greene, Allen Reddish, Abner Mason, Willie Gray, George Fuller, Theodore McLaurin, Harvey Parker, Maynard Jones, and Charles Reddish.  Also present were Sisters Alice Wilson, Mildred Gray, Elizabeth Jones, Edna Mae Reddish, Nora McDuffie, and Annie Gattis.


        The following officers were elected: Bro. Walter Walker and J.W. Greene, Co-Chairmen of the Deacon Board; Sis. Elizabeth Jones, Clerk; Sis. Hortense Holman, Assistant Clerk; and Brother Bennie Holman, Treasurer. 


         It was decided that we would request the use of Lakeview School as our meeting site until such time that we could secure land and a building of our own. Thankfully, this request was granted by the Durham County Board of Education. Having faith in God and confidence in man, we had our first service on Sunday, November 20, 1966 with both a Sunday School and Morning Worship Service. The Rev. J.T. Dunston preached our first sermon.  Deacon Walter Walker presided over our first service.


         After inviting several Ministers to preach, we secured the services of Rev. Clifton Bullock and Rev. B.A. Mack to preach on alternating Sundays as Interim Pastors. During the illness of Rev. Bullock, Rev. Ralph Holloway serves as the Pastor.


Meanwhile, plans were underway to create a permanent home of our own. It was at this time that Brothers Henry and Allen Reddish were paid $1,000 for an acre of land on which to build the church.


Our first financial rally was a great success. On May 21, 1967, we convened at The New Home and Durham Convention Home on Guess Road with Rev. George Brooks as our guest speaker. His subject was “Give Me the Mountain”. This theme was later carried out in a pictures painted by Bro. George Mitchell, which is located in the church. The total amount raised at this rally was $2,126.55.


Among non-members who made significant cash contributions were Brother Arthur Pearce and McKinley Tabron. It is impossible to name all the contributors to our worthy cause, but a few do warrant mentioning. Dr. Dillard Teer provided all the equipment for clearing the land and digging the basement, finished carpet, central heat and air conditioning for the Church. Later, in 1969, Mr. Teer donated hymnals in the memory of Bro. Dorsey Holman. The Piedmont Minerals Company, the employer of Rev. Mack, gave a financial contribution, field dirt, and furnished the trucks for the haul to and from Hillsborough, NC. Trustee George Fuller used some of his influences in getting building materials and the building permit for the Church. We wish to give thanks to all member and friends for their contributions.


On the following Friday, June 4, 1967, we pushed the basement in our first excavation. From that time until the completion of the church, the following men became our contractors and builders; Brothers Henry Reddish, George Fuller, Harvey Parker, Deacon J.W. Greene, Willie Gray, Abner Mason, Sr., Bennie Holman, Maynard Jones, Theodore McLaurin, Allen Reddish, Charles Reddish, and Dan Jones. Little Dan, at the age of 12, worked alongside the men.


We have been blessed by God to have a 7,000 square foot church with a sanctuary, a full basement with five Sunday school classrooms, an assembly room, and complete kitchen, two complete bathrooms with ceramic title, and central heating and air conditioning. We accomplished this building effort in two and a half years because we all had a mind set to work. Friends of Lakeview contributed many days of free labor by laying brick and finishing cement. Meanwhile, the women of the Church furnished food for the men as they worked.


Some additions to our history of those who gave are as follows: Sister Ethel Stanfield gave the porthole windows in the front of the Church; Brothers Willie Gray, Bennie Holman, and Dorsey Holman gave the extra glass frontage in the foyer. The pews were purchased under the guidance of Brothers Harvey Tilley, Harvey Parker, and Charles Reddish. Mrs. Lillie Parker furnished flowers for the Church for many years.


         On October 16, 1969, Rev. B.A. Mack was called as the Pastor. The Church officers: Chairmen of Deacon Board; Deacon Walter and Deacon Bennie Holman, Sr., Church Clerk; Sister Altheria Reddish, Assistant Church Clerk; Sister Hortense Holman, Treasurer; Deacon Bennie Holman, Sr. Financial Secretary; Deacon Willie Gray, Chairman of Trustee Board; Brother George Fuller. 

Throughout the years, Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church was blessed with many dynamic Pastors.  Those Pastors are as follows:

         1971 – Rev. Clifton Bullock and Rev. Ralph Holloway

         1982 – Rev. James Lily

         1988 – Rev. Allandus Wright

         1997 – Rev. Larrell L. Freeman

         2008 – Rev. Michael D. Rogers

         2011 – Rev. Calvin Crocker, Jr.

During the many transitions, Lakeview maintained her stability through God’s will.  The church continued to deliver the gospel through the leadership of pulpit ministers; Rev. David Wall, Rev. Anita Docher, Rev. Karen Evans, and Rev. Joyce Peterson. 

          On December 2, 2012, a call was extended and accepted by Reverend Ronald P. Waldon, Jr. to serve as pastor of Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church.  This call makes him the 8th pastor establishing the forward movement of a transitioning church on the move in Kingdom building.  Already, the church has experienced growth as new members now call “The Lake” home.  New ministries have been established to include, rebirth of the Youth ministry; Youth Church; Fine Arts ministries (i.e. MIME and Sacred Dance); Praise and Worship ministry; Sisters of Faith Women’s ministry; Daughters of Faith Ministry for pre-teen and teenage girls; Men of Valor ministry; Inspired Media ministry; “The Lake” Food Pantry; and implementation of new pathways to Christian Education (i.e. New Disciples Class and Leadership Conferences) and Missionary outreach (i.e. Worship, Visitation and Bible Study sessions at Rose Manor Nursing Home and Carver Living Center, Durham, NC).  We also have established 5th Sundays to be Power Sunday which includes Super Sunday School where we fellowship with sister churches and the community.  Under the leadership of Reverend Waldon, Minister Bobby Moore and our First Lady, Kimberly Waldon was licensed and ordained to preach the Word of God.   Lakeview currently has 8 associate ministers who serve the pulpit ministerial ministry.  New additions are Rev. William Ormond, Minister Tanisha Adams, and Minister Larry Ormond.  In addition, Rev. Kimberly Waldon has been elected and appointed as the first female moderator of New Home and Durham Missionary Baptist Association, Inc., our district association of 14 churches.  

Lakeview continues to hold many outstanding accomplishments as a Missionary Baptist Church.  Many through the efforts of Rev. Dr. Anita Docher, who served as Missionary Circle president for many years.  In obedience to the great commission of the church, our Missionary Circle continue to reach the lost; and help those in need.  Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church continues to strive to fulfill its mission statement “Strengthening God’s Church, God’s Community and God’s Children through the life of Christ in preparing the disciples of LMBC to be Soldiers for the Lord.”  Lakeview continues to do exactly what the scripture teaches every Christian to do, and that is to keep the temple of the living God a clean vessel, untarnished by even a hint of fellowship with the unrighteous! The Lord has blessed us tremendously throughout our 53 years of ministry.

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